How to Quiet Pit Bike Exhaust

If you are looking for a way to make your pit bike exhaust more quiet, you can choose from a number of different options. While smaller leaks are easily fixed, bigger leaks may require some spare time and specialized equipment. You will need a patch that is slightly larger than the hole and overlaps the edge. You can also make use of aluminum as a patch. The main thing to remember is that you must let the epoxy cure for at least four hours.

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If you’ve ever wanted to improve the sound of your pit bike exhaust, you’ve likely heard about the new Silencers for Pit Bike exhausts from FMF. These systems combine a slip-on exhaust with two headers and feature FMF’s exclusive RCT technology. This system offers power gains throughout the rev range, while remaining quieter than the stock exhaust. Here’s what you need to know about Pit Bike Silencers.

Silencers for pit bikes are available for different styles and sizes. A common silencer is 47mm, but there’s also a 45mm version available. These can stack together to make the exhaust shorter or longer. They’re also 1.2mm thick and 17mm deep, with a length of 38mm to 39mm. Both silencers are made of 304 brushed stainless. If you want to lower the power output, you should consider the silencer expander, which is designed for motorcycles up to 190cc.


While open-pipe drag racing bikes can make some impressive horsepower, they are not suitable for everyday use. They do not promote good velocity throughout the low-rev range, which is the reason why street use can be less than ideal. In addition, open exhaust systems are difficult to tune, and they can result in flat-spots on the torque curve. This can reduce power and cause a noticeable decrease in acceleration speed, especially when the throttle is opened wide.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to quiet pit bike exhaust, you might want to consider buying one of the many available exhaust silencers. These devices reduce exhaust noise and can be found at most motorcycle stores. They typically feature a fiberglass wrap that narrows the exhaust hole. This will help dampen noise and improve overall performance. Some of them even feature tips that slope downward to help prevent obnoxious sound.

Resonator mufflers

Resonator mufflers are one of the best ways to create a quiet pit bike exhaust. These exhaust systems have a chamber with a small diameter, which is able to absorb and cancel high-pitched sounds. These exhaust systems can be used on many different types of vehicles, including pit bikes. However, you must be aware that these products can reduce the overall noise level of the exhaust system.

Resonator mufflers work by reducing engine noise by converting it into a sound-dampening resonance. These devices are made of two main parts: a perforated core and diffused discs. The number of discs affects how much sound is absorbed. The more discs, the higher the absorption of sound energy. However, the fewer discs, the lower the note of the exhaust.

Exhaust wrap

There are many benefits of wrapping a pit bike’s exhaust. This process can prevent heat transfer from the pipes, resulting in improved horsepower and more power. Another benefit is the look of the pit bike, as wrapping helps hide discoloration of the pipes. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy project to complete. To get started, visit a home improvement or auto parts store and purchase some stainless steel zip ties.

Once you’ve chosen the right pipe wrap, you’ll need a wrench and some wire. Make sure to overlap the pipe by half-inch every revolution, and wrap the pipe tightly and securely. Don’t forget to use a wire or an aftermarket anchor. To ensure a secure wrap, use rubber gloves. To install pipe wrap, you’ll need to disassemble the exhaust system. Make sure the end is tight to avoid air locking.