How to Quiet Oilless Air Compressors

If you want to make sure your oilless air compressor runs quietly, there are a few things you can do. One of the best ways to reduce noise is to install sound deadening mats or rubber grommets. There are also mufflers and filters available. All of these methods are very effective in reducing noise from your oilless air compressor. But which one is right for your needs? Let’s examine each option to find out which one is right for you.

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Sound deadening mats

Adding a sound deadening mat to your oilless air compressor can be a great way to reduce the noise generated by your machine. There are many options available, including large, durable mats that cover the entire underside of your machine. Or, you can try a DIY solution using disposable plastic tubs with a dome base and silicone caulk. This method can take up to seven days to dry, so you may want to wait until that time.

The first step in reducing noise from your oilless air compressor is to find a sound-dampening mat for your machine. This mat absorbs vibrations caused by the air compressor, which is why many people prefer using a sound-dampening mat to help keep their machines as quiet as possible. Another good idea is to move the air intake away from the compressor if possible. The closer the air intake is to the compressor, the louder it will be. You can also find quiet oilless air compressors that are designed to produce less noise. You can purchase one online or at your local hardware store.


Silencers and mufflers for oilless air compressors are designed to reduce the noise they produce. Just like a car’s muffler reduces noise without degrading the engine’s performance, oilless air compressor silencers work by blocking the airflow to the engine and adding an air filter. This feature reduces the noise produced by the air compressor by as much as 20 to 30%.

JC10PLUS Super-quiet oilless air compressors have low-noise features, such as a noise-absorbing sound blanket and upward-facing gauges. These air compressors are equipped with a 1 HP, 1725 RPM low-amp-draw motor with automatic overload protection and an integrated cord wrap. In addition, they don’t require oil, making them suitable for many applications.


A muffler or silencer is an effective solution for reducing the noise level of an oilless air compressor. It will not change the compressor’s performance, but will significantly reduce the airborne noise. Some oilless air compressors are designed to be quieter than others, but not all of them are. There are several types of mufflers and silencers available for purchase. These can be found online or at a local hardware store.

The best mufflers have a 50-mesh stainless steel screen and a glass-filled nylon housing. These parts will reduce noise while still maintaining excellent flow. If the noise of an oilless air compressor is bothersome for you, a relief muffler may be the best solution for you. Some compressors have built-in mufflers, which are especially helpful in applications where the air stream is made up of particulate matter.

Rubber grommets

You can find a few different types of rubber grommets for your oilless air compressor, each designed to reduce vibrations and noise from the compressor. You can find these in any tool store, or even online. If you’re having trouble finding the right ones, consider purchasing a rubber grommet instead of a base plug. These grommets are designed to work between the base plug and the air compressor mount.

One of the most important features of a compressor grommet is the amount of compression set it has. Low compression set reduces the amount of resiliency the part has, which is essential when quieting down an oilless air compressor. A good compression set is ideal, resulting in a rubber grommet that doesn’t bounce back too easily when the compressor moves. However, this low compression set will have a negative impact on the performance of the compressor.

Mounting a soundproof cabinet

Mounting a soundproof cabinet on your oilless air compressor is an excellent way to reduce the noise that comes from running your machine. You can purchase custom sized plywood at Homedepot or a local hardware store to use as a base. If you don’t want to invest in a custom soundproof cabinet, you can purchase soundproof wood online. To create a soundproof box, you will need to measure the diameter of the air compressor. Then, cut the plywood to fit your machine’s dimensions. Then, cover it with a layer of soundproof material, like foam or drywall.

It’s important to note that a soundproof cabinet can protect your compressor from noise while working in your workshop. Choosing the right material for your air compressor is vital to ensure that it performs well. A soundproof cabinet will not only protect your work space, but will also protect your hearing. A high-quality soundproof cabinet is essential for ensuring the durability of your tool and the safety of you and your workers.