How to Quiet Magpies

If you’ve been trying to find ways to quiet magpies, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover how to use bird tape, pinwheels, and scarecrows, as well as a spiral reflector. All of these tactics are great, but they won’t be effective on every single magpie. The best way to control magpie population is to eliminate their attractiveness. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

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Using a scarecrow

Using a scarecrow to silence magpies is a popular method used to keep a large flock of birds away from your home. You can make one for free using old clothes and straws, or buy a pre-made scarecrow. This method is not effective if the magpies are in the house when the scarecrow is placed nearby. You may want to consider a scarecrow made from reflective materials, such as CDs, which reflect light in unexpected ways.

Other methods to keep birds away include placing eye-balloons, hawk kites, and reflective tape around the yard. If the magpies still continue to swoop down at crops, you can also place a fake owl on a stake in the ground and let the scarecrow flap in the wind. You can also put shiny aluminum plates on the ground to scare crows away.

Using pinwheels

Using pinwheels to quiet magpies may sound a little silly, but they’re actually quite effective at deterring a rogue bird. These visual deterrents are made of shiny tape ribbons. Magpies don’t like shiny objects, so they tend to be less inclined to approach them. It’s important to note that these deterrents should only be used in the garden, and they shouldn’t block the access to nesting birds.

Using pinwheels is an inexpensive solution to keeping birds away from your garden. They are 15 inches wide and come in packs of ten. They are effective against a variety of different pest birds and can be used as an attractive yard decoration. Unlike traditional bird repellents, they are safe for your pets and won’t make any noise. The concept behind using pinwheels to quiet magpies is that birds are naturally attracted to shiny objects, and that these pinwheels mimic this phenomenon.

Using a spiral reflector

Using a spiral reflector to quiet a ravenous magpie is a proven way to keep them from attacking your garden. These birds are notorious for raiding nests during breeding season. Using a reflector on a feeder may deter them from roosting there. This deterrent also works on cowbirds and blue jays. Play a tape with the distress calls of these birds, or even try a bird feeder with a scarecrow attached. Make sure the scarecrow has reflective eyes and a bright light, as magpies can be scared away by huge eyes.

Another option for deterring magpies is to put up a holographic spiral. These reflectors can be suspended from a branch or edge of a roof. The shiny, shimmering movement of the reflector will scare away the larger birds, while smaller birds will be unaffected by this. Moreover, magpies are not particularly scared of humans, and may be aggressive when nesting. In order to protect their young, they can be aggressive.

Using bird tape

If you’re looking for a safe and effective method to silence magpies, you’ve come to the right place. Magpies are notorious for swooping in the air, which is dangerous not just for humans but also for their pets. The swoop can also injure you or your pets – not to mention the cyclists and posties who pass by. However, if you’d like to avoid aggravating magpies, then you need to consider some precautionary measures. If you’re not near their nest, leave them alone and follow the rules of the park.

One simple solution to stop magpies from pecking at your feeders is to use reflective bird tape. Place strips of tape close to the bird feeder or hang it high to dangle in the wind. You can also use bird deterrent tape to keep pest birds from nesting in your porch or on your fruit trees. But beware: this method can’t completely keep magpies away from your property. If the magpies continue to pounce on your home, you’ll have to call a professional pest control company or even a bird keeper. The bird keeper will bring a bird of prey to your home to scare away the birds.

Using a water bottle

If you want to calm magpies, you can use a CD or water bottle as a decoy. CDs rotate and reflect light, just like a predator’s eyes. Magpies don’t understand reflection and will be scared away by these objects. You can hang the CDs around your yard or patio, five feet apart, to make sure they are not visible to the magpies. They will also stay away if you place fans and cotton balls around the area.

Although magpies are highly intelligent, they are not the most social. Most of them enjoy harassing humans and stealing their food, so being a useful jerk is not something to worry about. This BirdBox system uses classic operant conditioning, rewarding the bird with a treat whenever it deposits the bottle cap. If you don’t want to purchase a BirdBox, you can build it yourself using the DIY files found on Thingiverse.

Using a squirrel-proof feeder

Creating a scarecrow with old clothes and stuffing it with straw and dried weeds may be the perfect way to keep magpies away. However, it’s important to move the scarecrow every four to seven days to maintain its effectiveness. Another effective way to keep magpies away from feeders is by hanging a CD on a wire. CDs are a great option because they reflect light in unpredictable ways and move in the wind.

You can also try placing bird tape over the feeder to scare away magpies. This tape is available at many garden centers and if placed near the feeder, it will resemble a holographic spiral, frightening the birds away. These reflective tapes are easy to place on specific spots and won’t interfere with holiday decorating. The strips of bird tape are reflective enough to frighten magpies away from the feeder, but are not as durable as bird tape.