How to Quiet Magnaflow Exhaust

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Whether you own a Magnaflow or a Borla exhaust, you may be wondering how to quiet them. While the muffler helps to cut down on the noise, it doesn’t completely stop it. You should still consider getting a Magnaflow muffler, however, to further reduce the noise pollution. The following steps will guide you in the process. Let’s start by discussing the benefits of silencers and how to install them.

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Regardless of whether you’re looking for a better way to quiet Magnaflow exhaust noises or are looking for a more aggressive sound, you’ve probably wondered how to quiet Magnaflow mufflers. The two companies make excellent exhaust systems, and the Flowmaster and Magnaflow mufflers both offer outstanding performance and quiet operation. The differences between these two systems lie in their design and how they reduce exhaust noise. Magnaflow mufflers are designed to reduce noises while improving horsepower. Magnaflow exhaust mufflers also offer a mesh wrap that helps control the sounds produced by your vehicle. These products produce a mild, but deep tone, depending on the size of the muffler you install.

While both companies offer great quality exhaust mufflers, Magnaflow products are significantly more expensive than Flowmaster. Magnaflow exhaust systems can cost up to $4,000, while Flowmaster exhaust systems are typically between $100 and $4,000. Flowmaster exhausts feature chambered designs and baffles to counteract the inefficiency of the stock Magnaflow mufflers. Flowmaster exhausts also offer greater performance and power.

When choosing between the Flowmaster and Magnaflow exhaust systems, it’s important to remember that both have advantages and disadvantages. Magnaflow is more affordable than Flowmaster, so you’ll save money by buying it as a whole. The downside to the cheaper products is that they’re often of poor quality. Flowmaster has a reputation for superior quality, so it’s important to consider your needs and find the best possible option for your car.


There are a few different ways to quiet down the sound of your Magnaflow exhaust. You can install a smaller muffler or a squeaker in front of it to cut down on noise. You can also use a resonator to make the exhaust more quiet. The exact part numbers of each of these components are available from the magnaflow tech support line, or you can contact a representative.

In addition to improving the sound of your vehicle, Magnaflow exhaust systems can increase your vehicle’s horsepower. They can add 10-15% to your car’s power. They are also great for cold starts. If you’re worried about noise, you can opt for a Flowmaster exhaust system instead. Both brands use the latest technologies to reduce noise, improve horsepower, and increase exhaust system life. While Magnaflow exhaust systems may be expensive, their performance more than makes up for their high price.

Magnaflow’s exhaust systems are excellent for starting and reducing noise. Regardless of the size of your Magnaflow, a muffler plays a key role in reducing exhaust sounds. Magnaflow mufflers are available in several different sizes, giving you the ability to select one that fits your vehicle. Using a muffler with the right size and design will allow you to achieve a quiet, peaceful ride.


Installing a muffler will quiet down the sound from your car’s engine. Magnaflow mufflers are a great option to add to your car, and you can find them in many different sizes to accommodate your specific needs. You may also wish to consider purchasing a Magnaflow muffler with stainless steel construction. These mufflers are designed to reduce noise pollution while still providing great performance.

Some people use resonators in order to quiet down the exhaust. The length of the resonator determines the amount of sound that it will make. If you’re interested in buying one, magnaflow makes oval-shaped resonators. Borla also makes round resonators. In the event that a magnaflow muffler doesn’t quieten the engine’s noise, you can purchase a smaller one from a reputable manufacturer.

When buying a Magnaflow muffler, make sure you buy the best quality one you can afford. It should be lightweight and durable. Look for a reputable seller with a good reputation. Magnaflow stands behind their products, and guarantees their customers’ satisfaction. Magnaflow is a leading global manufacturer of exhaust systems, and their online store is easy to use. You can find exhaust systems, mufflers, converters, apparel, and other essential items. And if you have a lot of money to spare, the 18124 muffler is your best bet. You can even find a cheap and high-quality Magnaflow exhaust muffler on Amazon.