How to Quiet HMF Exhaust in Seconds

If you’re concerned about how loud your Harley Davidson motorcycle is, you may be wondering how to quiet the HMF exhaust. Fortunately, there are several ways to quiet your bike. Read on to learn about the HMF Quiet Core and how to install it on most HMF exhausts in seconds. Using the Quiet Core will decrease the noise level by three to six decibels. You’ll no longer be able to hear your Harley’s exhaust as loudly as it was when you first bought it.

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Quiet Race Series

The HMF Quiet Race Series has a unique mechanical core that controls sound pulses and distributes them evenly throughout the RPM range. The mechanical core is specially engineered to meet the strict sound regulations required by racetracks and other restricted riding areas. The HMF Quiet Race Series exhaust is generally less noisy than stock systems and weighs substantially less than a stock exhaust shell. If you’re looking for an exhaust with the maximum horsepower output, this is not the right choice.

HMF’s Quiet Race Series has a ceramic coating to resist extreme temperatures. These exhausts are also designed to withstand higher-end exhaust temperatures. HMF also makes single Slip-On exhausts for Polaris General. The Performance Full System and Titan-QS exhausts pick up around 4 horsepower. Both of these models weigh 17 pounds, so you’ll save a few pounds, too. HMF claims that the Performance Dual Full System and Titan-QS exhausts are both 88-dB-acoustically-intense.

Ceramic coating

To add a ceramic coating to your exhaust system, you’ll need to first disassemble the entire system. Start by unbolting the exhaust manifold and turbo housing. It is best to leave both in one piece, but if you can’t, you can loosen them with heat or WD40. If the flanges are rusted, the only effective method is sandblasting, but this method can cause serious damage to the exhaust system and can damage the flanges.

Once you have removed the old exhaust system, you can install the Quiet Core. The Quiet Core is made of 201 stainless steel and is designed to reduce exhaust sound by about six decibels. You can install this quiet core with most HMF exhausts, including the Performance Series, Swamp & Swamp XL, Penland Series, and Signature X. Installation is simple and straightforward. You’ll get the quietest exhaust possible in just a few short steps.

Internal mechanical core

Among the loudest exhaust pipes available, the HMF Ecosystem is among the loudest. If you’re looking for a quiet exhaust, you can consider an internal mechanical core. An internal core reduces tone and diffuses exhaust wave, making the system easier to install and remove. Its quieter sound doesn’t detract from the car’s power or jetting. And you don’t need to compromise on performance to install one.

The HMF Quiet Race Series uses a stainless steel internal mechanical core to reduce sound pulses and distribute power evenly across the entire RPM range. These exhausts are perfect for riding in sensitive areas where sound is restricted, like racetracks. They reduce sound levels by 3-6 dB over stock systems, but you may need to tune your engine before installing one of these exhausts. If you don’t want to risk ruining your exhaust’s warranty, you should consult with a mechanic before installing an internal mechanical core.


When installing a HMF Quiet Core, HMF Performance strongly recommends re-jetting the exhaust. Failing to do so could cause several problems and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, failure to re-jet will not work in the HMF Ecosystem. The Quiet Race Series Exhausts feature mechanical cores. Moreover, a Quiet Core is not compatible with the Torque Range Modifier, as it will occupy space which is required to mount the Quiet Core.

If you’re not sure whether your new HMF exhaust system is compatible with your current engine, you can ask your dealer to install the jets. Repleting the exhaust system can increase horsepower. However, it can make the engine run too rich. This could damage your plugs and bog the engine. In such a case, it would be better to go back to stock. This will maintain the engine’s richness, and will not be too much work.


You can install an HMF exhaust silencer in your vehicle to improve its performance. This company produces a wide range of exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. These systems increase horsepower and torque while reducing the weight of the exhaust system. The HMF Performance Series is a great choice for modifying your vehicle and will enhance its performance. These systems can be applied to any Performance Series exhaust. They are made of lightweight aluminum and are available in many colors and endcaps.

Installing an HMF exhaust silencer is easy, and you can do it yourself with the help of a few basic tools. First, you will need to remove the retaining springs. If you cannot remove them by hand, you can use a wire to pry them off. You will also need to remove the retaining nuts. In addition, you will need to replace the exhaust gasket if it is cracked or worn. Fortunately, HMF offers a muffler kit with a gasket.