How to Quiet Down an HMF Pipe

If you’re looking to reduce the noise of your HMF pipe, there are several options you can use to accomplish the task. To start, you can replace the HMF Utility Pipe with a different model of slip-on pipe. HMF makes several models of slip-on pipes. The Swamp series is one such pipe, which comes in three different styles. The regular Swamp pipe is the same volume as the stock pipe, but it has a throatier note and is much louder. Obviously, this new pipe will not silence the noise, but it will allow you to enjoy the same volume levels as the Utility Pipe. If you want to sell the HMF Utility Pipe you have, you can do so to help offset the expense of the new pipe.

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dB killer inserts

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your exhaust system quieter, you may have already looked into dB killer inserts. Usually, these inserts fit directly into your existing exhaust system and will quiet it down considerably. You can also make your own dB killer kit if you can’t find a bolt-on one. If your exhaust is not quiet enough, you can also purchase a cheap universal baffle insert that fits your current pipe. Just be sure to select an insert that fits your existing pipe diameter.

If you’d like to install a Quiet Core to your HMF exhaust, you should first uninstall the U.S.F.S. Spark Arrestor. Then, install the Quiet Core, which reduces sound levels by 3-6 dB. Before installing this product, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. To install a Quiet Core, remove the End Cap. Then, tighten three allen screws.

Performance Series

HMF Racing’s Performance Series Exhaust System is renowned for its high level of craftsmanship and balance. Its high-performance features include the best muffler packing, industry-leading materials, and a dual slip-on system for maximum performance. You can also choose from the Dual Slip On System, which increases horsepower and torque evenly throughout the engine’s RPM range. This exhaust system is also designed to accept an optional HMF Quiet Core.

The HMF Performance Series is designed for street or track use. Its dual full system is available as a single slip-on or twin loop system. Although the HMF Quiet Core adds a few decibels to the overall sound, it can quieten your exhaust system by between two and three decibels. It is important to note that you must re-jet your exhaust system after adding a Quiet Core to ensure proper performance. If you don’t, you may end up damaging your exhaust and voiding the warranty.

Quiet Race Series

The HMF Quiet Race Series is a high performance exhaust with an internal mechanical core that manages and minimizes sound pulses. Designed for racing, the Quiet Race Series offers 2-6 dB of extra noise reduction compared to the stock exhaust. Although it produces less horse power than other exhaust systems, it maintains 95% of the power from the stock system. Whether you’re looking for extra horsepower or just a lower roar, the Quiet Race Series is a great choice.

The Quiet Race Series for HMF exhaust features a 1010 steel core that is easy to install. The Quiet Core is designed to minimize the sound levels in sound sensitive environments. These parts are compatible with most HMF exhaust systems. They also reduce noise by 3-6 dB. This is the ultimate in noise reduction for racing and street applications. However, if you’re looking for a more aggressive look, you should consider the HMF Pro Series for street use.

Swamp Series

The HMF Swamp Series is the best choice for quieting down an HMF pipe. These slip-on exhausts are super-durable and resist corrosion and rust. The muffler is five inches, containing more internal volume to increase horsepower at lower decibel levels. The end cap is a stylish billet aluminum design. The Swamp Series is compatible with HMF snorkel systems and quiet-core inserts. It features a Tig-welded header and inlet, as well as a Blackout ceramic coating that can withstand 1200 degrees.

The Swamp Series comes in two sizes – 5″ and 10″. The first size is designed for low-profile quads and motocross machines. The 5″ model is the best choice for quads needing pure horsepower and has no additional noise compared to the stock exhaust. The optional HMF Quiet Core further improves sound quality, while the 5″ model is the ultimate in performance.


If you are tired of the exhaust sound that your HMF pipes make, you can buy the Titan-QS to quiet them down. It’s a small insert that can be installed on most HMF exhausts. Designed for sound-sensitive areas, it cuts the exhaust’s noise level by 3-6 dB. But be aware that the quiet core adds an extra inch to your bike’s height.

The HMF Titan-QS is available for the Honda(r)Pioneer 1000. This exhaust system is made from 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and does not stain. It also helps you cut down the 10 pounds of excess weight that your stock exhaust produces. It’s easy to install and maintain. It also maintains the stock narrow band O2 sensor, and it has a 12mm O2 bung.