How to Quiet Diesel Exhaust

If you want your car to run quietly, you may be wondering what the best ways to do this are. There are several types of exhaust systems available, and each can make the engine louder or quieter. We’ll talk about Performance mufflers, Silencers, Lifters, and Resonators. Read on to learn more about each. Listed below are some of the most popular types of exhaust systems:

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Performance mufflers

If you want to silence the sound of your car’s exhaust, you should buy a performance muffler. Some people complained that these devices were too quiet and expected them to work like resonators and deepen the sound of the exhaust. But it turns out that performance mufflers aren’t the best option for every car. Listed below are some of the best performance mufflers on the market.

The Super Turbo exhaust is one of the most popular performance mufflers for diesel vehicles. Its body measures 14.5″ in length, 9.75″ wide, and 4.25″ tall. Its curved design encases a wrap that helps absorb the noise, reducing the overall volume and minimizing the drone sound. A typical Super Turbo muffler produces a quiet rumble at idle. Its 304 stainless steel counterpart has a deep throaty rumble under load.


Resonators are devices used to make a vehicle’s exhaust sound more pleasant. They work by changing the sound that exits an engine and channel it through an empty chamber. The pulses that are generated are reflected back and some of them cancel out. The result is a quieter exhaust system without compromising performance. Many mufflers also have resonators to quiet the sound. However, not all car owners will use them for the same purposes.

Resonators can be purchased in two ways. Some come with mounting points for ease of installation, while others require welding. While they are less durable and less effective, mounting points are easier to replace. This method reduces the overall noise suppression effect. Some resonators are also less effective. You should also check the size of your engine’s exhaust ducts before purchasing a resonator. They may need to be replaced if your vehicle’s exhaust is too loud.


The Environmental Protection Agency is the main authority on emissions regulations. EPA-mandated catalytic converters are necessary to meet Tier IV requirements. They are made of a honeycomb grid and placed in the exhaust system directly after the exhaust manifold. Their design allows maximum exhaust temperatures and helps regulate engine noise. Many new silencers combine a silencer and a catalytic converter, so that the same type of engine is quieter.

A complete noise control solution also includes exhaust gas treatment. For diesel and gas engine gensets, this is necessary for the emission of gases that can be inhaled and cause injury to humans. Silencers to quiet diesel exhaust can reduce plant noise, protect employees from excessive noise levels and eliminate the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. The noise reduction benefits extend to workers and bystanders at the plant. Silencers for diesel generators can significantly reduce noise-induced hearing damage.


If you’ve been wondering how to use lifters to quiet diesel exhaust, here are some tips. Using fresh oil and cleaning the engine regularly will help to keep lifters quiet. Changing engine oil on a regular basis will also prevent lifter wear and damage. Using the right type of engine oil also helps to prevent lifter noise. Also, oil additives can improve the quality of your oil and clean lifters, rocker arms, valves, and other parts of your engine.

If you suspect a faulty hydraulic lifter, you can replace it before spending a lot of money on a repair. If your lifter is noisy, you can replace it for cheap and save hundreds of dollars. You can also install Luxury Liner Pro, a layer of dense noise-blocking material that prevents lifter noise. Once you’ve replaced your lifters, you can replace the valve cover gasket and rocker shaft.

Damplifier Pro

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