How to Quiet Buffer Spring

Are you looking for a quiet buffer spring? If so, you have come to the right place. We will discuss Gen 2 Silent Captured Spring, Gen 3 Sound Mitigation Buffer, and Gen 4 Stealth Recoil Spring. This article will explain how these springs work, what they are, and how you can use them. In the end, you’ll have a weapon that will not disturb your neighbors and will be quieter than ever.

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Gen 2 Silent Captured Spring

The JP Enterprises Gen-2 Silent Captured Buffer Spring System removes the hum and noise of a standard AR platform rifle. It features a perfect centerless ground spring and a precision polished outer diameter, allowing the BCG to reciprocate more efficiently. Additionally, this spring can be removed for cleaning and custom tuning. For rifle and carbine length buffer tubes, the spring is also available in a spacer kit.

The JP Silent Captured Spring is an inexpensive and reliable replacement for the stock buffer spring. It keeps the buffer spring from scraping against the buffer tube, reducing felt recoil. Moreover, this spring’s extra mass reduces the vibrations and frictions. This spring system also fits M4 style collapsible stocks and longer tubes. It is compatible with most AR-10 models. It is not compatible with 9mm AR variants.

The JP SCS is a self-contained unit, allowing users to easily swap out the buffer. This spring is the same length as the buffer tube, removing the need for a buffer retainer (pin that sticks out from the front of the normal buffer). It is easy to install and remove, making swapping receiver extensions easier. Its versatility makes it a great option for people who use AR-10s and AR-15s.

Gen 3 Sound Mitigation Buffer

The Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer (SMB) prevents the internal buffer tube’s inner wall from rubbing against the spring, reducing felt recoil and improving accuracy. The Gen3 SMB is a simple, drop-in replacement. It is available in different weights to match a variety of rifles. To ensure a smooth, trouble-free firing experience, this spring will work with the entire range of rifles.

Unlike other buffers on the market, the Armaspec Sound Mitigation Buffer works by preventing the buffer spring from rubbing against the buffer tube. The spring is trimmed to a maximum of 12 coils. By reducing the number of coils in the main spring, you’ll notice a huge reduction in noise. If you’re looking for a simple replacement, this spring is the perfect option for your next build.

Gen 4 Stealth Recoil Spring

Designed for the AR-15 rifle, the Armaspec AR-15 Stealth Recoil Spring is a multistage, drop-in replacement. This product is designed to reduce felt recoil while still retaining a robust, heavy spring. It weighs just 5.6 ounces and sits inside the carbine buffer tube. It is made from durable components to ensure a long-lasting performance.

The Armaspec stealth recoil spring is designed to prevent excessive recoil and keep a constant tension on the carrier of the bolt group. It eliminates the need for a buffer spring retainer and features a rubber O-ring on the buffer head. It also prevents metal-to-metal contact. Because it has no metal-to-metal contact, the spring will never touch the inside of the buffer tube and will not cause excessive noise.