How to Quiet Background Music on Your TV

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If you are having trouble hearing voices over background music on your television, this article will help you find a solution. The first step is to lower the volume of your television. Most televisions have a preset mode that amplifies voices. Try reducing the volume, and then switch the source to another channel. The problem could be that the voices are louder than the music, so the volume of your TV is too high.

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One of the best ways to make background music louder on your television is to normalize the volume in the audio settings. The audio quality of your TV’s background music may not be what you are used to, and you may be bothered by its volume. In this case, you can turn the volume down if you want to reduce the volume. However, this method is not very useful for 5.1 surround sound systems, as the normalization value is set by the broadcast network.

To adjust the volume of your background music on your television, you can use a virtual normalization feature in many media players. One of these tools is ReplayGain. It uses an algorithm to measure the volume of music in a particular area and then adjusts the volume of other music to match it. This system works by storing a figure inside the audio file so that when it plays the rest of the music, it will automatically turn the volume down.

If you find yourself unable to follow the movie due to difficulty hearing dialogue, the normalization feature may be the answer. It automatically adjusts the audio level to match the human voice range. By making the audio louder or quieter, the viewer can watch the movie more easily. But if you do not have this feature, there are other options. There are some other ways to normalize background music on TV. These options can help you control the volume of the audio on your television without affecting the quality of the video.


Unless you’re listening to an audio book, it’s likely that you’ve found your TV’s background music unbearably loud. Even if you have a 5.1 surround sound system, it’s impossible to hear everything that’s going on. So how can you quiet the background music on your TV? There are a few simple steps to follow. Read on to discover the best way to silence the background music on your TV.

Adjust the volume. Most televisions have a preset mode that amplify voices, so try switching that off. Another solution is to change the source of the background music. If the music is still too loud, try lowering the volume. If the problem persists, try changing to another source of audio. The voice may be too high. This solution will make the dialogue more realistic. If you’re still unable to hear the dialogue, you can try turning the volume down.

Try changing the audio settings on your TV. Some TV models have settings to adjust the bass, treble, and lower-frequency speakers. This will help reduce the mid-range noise and make it easier to hear the dialogue. However, this solution may not work for every TV. If you can’t change the volume of the speakers on your TV, you may want to consider buying an external speaker. A soundbar can provide a much clearer sound than the speakers on your television. You can also use an AV receiver for surround sound.


You can easily disable background music on television by turning off the speaker. You can find the volume settings in the television’s settings menu. You can also increase the bass level to equalize voices and music. By increasing the bass, you can drown out any other sounds. There are many ways to adjust the volume on your television to suit your personal preference. If you’re tired of listening to background music on your television, follow these tips to make it more tolerable.

Some people can’t stand the sound of background music, and they find it difficult to watch television shows without it. However, you can lower the background music and use subtitles to get a better picture. You can also turn the volume of your TV when watching a movie or listening to the radio. This way, your show will sound more realistic. The above steps apply to all television brands. Just be sure to choose the correct one for your television.

To reduce background music on TV, you can access the audio menu. Most TVs will have options for turning the sound off. For example, you can turn off the surround sound, which will flatten the sound. If you’re not comfortable turning off these features, you can disable the background music altogether. There are many more options for your television, including settings that will help you listen to your favorite music without background noise. But before you do anything, make sure you test the volume level of your TV.