How to Quiet an Electric Fuel Pump

If you’ve ever wondered how to quiet an electric fuel pump, there are several things you can do. Some of these are listed below: Isolators, Sound deadening materials, Rubber isolator standoffs, and Threaded inlet/outlet. If none of these options work, try using a metal housing or a rubber mount. In either case, you should be able to find a solution that works well for your needs.

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Sound deadening material

When you mount your electric fuel pump, you’re creating a sound box around it. This can happen if you mount it directly to sheet metal. It is possible to find a mechanic who can replace this part for you, but if you’re unsure, you can also purchase sound deadening material for your pump and install it yourself. Sound deadening material for electric fuel pumps is particularly beneficial in reducing noise levels.

Another great way to reduce noise is to use a self-adhesive insulating mat. These materials are made to stick to any surface, and can withstand high temperatures. The FatMat brand is inexpensive but still provides excellent insulation results. You can also buy Dynamat if you want to get the most bang for your buck. In general, you can purchase two types of fuel pump sound deadening materials for your electric fuel pump.

Rubber isolator standoffs

For quiet operation of an electric fuel pump, you can choose rubber isolator standoffs, which can be bought from a hardware store. These are designed to dampen sound and vibration and allow the pump’s body to breathe. The standoffs are sold as a pair. Each unit is installed on the mounting bracket and is not permanently attached to the pump. For best results, use rubber isolator standoffs for electric fuel pump to prevent it from rattling and squeaking.

Whether you’re installing a new fuel pump in your car or truck, these standoffs can prevent noise and vibration from causing damage to your vehicle. The Autobest FS4027 quiet electric fuel pump has a solid metallic connection and a rubber isolator standoff. These standoffs allow the pump’s body to breathe and keep the engine bay cool. This model comes with hardware and mounting brackets, so you can easily install it on your vehicle.

Threaded inlet/outlet

A quiet electric fuel pump will have a threaded inlet/outlet and a metal housing. Its delivery pressure should be close to 2.5 psi. Its installation location is important. If you are mounting the pump directly to the fuel tank, you may want to consider a threaded adapter. Threaded inlet/outlets are usually the best option.

Edelbrock makes a high-flow, inline model of the Quit-Flo. It is made with anodized aluminum housings and is compatible with all grades of gasoline. The pump includes mounting brackets and instructions. If you are not comfortable mounting your fuel pump in your engine bay, the company also provides stainless steel mounting brackets. Threaded inlets and outlets can be used with most fuel pumps.

Metal housing

There are several ways to install a quiet electric fuel pump. The first is to isolate it from the surrounding area. Mounting the pump to sheet metal creates a sort of “sound box” and is very disruptive to the engine’s roar. It may be installed on a race car, where the body is usually devoid of any sound deadening materials. Other causes of noise include clogged filters and a damaged power wire.

Another option is to mount the pump close to the fuel tank. Unlike most electric pumps, this one does not pull gas well. Moreover, it does not accept AN fittings, so it should be installed near the master cylinder. Moreover, it can’t pull well and is completely out of sight. Its housing is made of 304 stainless steel, with black anodized billet aluminum end caps.

Return line

A good return line for a quiet electric fuel pump can make all the difference. While a standard fuel line may be flimsy and bulky, a stainless braided hose weighs only a few pounds and can create a solid metallic connection with the pump. The return line will not touch your body, but will still translate noise and vibration from the fuel pump to wherever you put it. A return line made of aluminum is a great alternative because it is lightweight and inexpensive.

A return line will also help the electric fuel pump last longer because the load is taken off of it. You can choose a pump with an internal bypass, or a simple one with a bungee cord. The return line isn’t necessary for Holley red fuel pumps, though, as these have internal bypass. Make sure to select the pump size for the volume of the return line, though. This will reduce any stress on the pump.