How to Quiet a Yamaha Viking

How to quiet a Yamaha Viking? There are a few simple steps you can take to minimize cabin noise. First, you can look for a sound dampening kit at a Yamaha dealer. If you’d like to quiet a Yamaha viking even more, you can consider upgrading the suspension with dual A-arms on all four corners. There are also other noise-reducing features that you can install.

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Sound dampening kit available at Yamaha dealer

The Yamaha All-Weather speaker line features weather-proofing and HD sound for a great listening experience. The speaker systems have the versatility to meet the needs of every listener. The Yamaha All-Weather speakers are easy to install and deliver outstanding sound quality. They offer superior bass response, reduce external noise pollutants, and improve overall audio performance. The premium sound deadening material is made of butyl rubber and comes in 9 sheets measuring 32″ by 18″.

Steel bed contributes to noise

The Yamaha Viking was introduced to journalists in early September. It is an off-road utility vehicle with a robust 9.7-gallon fuel tank and an EPS system for extended range driving. The Viking EPS is manufactured in the USA to meet Yamaha’s high standards for durability and dependability. We took a test ride in the truck, which also features a steel bed. We were not able to hear it when we were driving, but the overall noise level is minimal.

The Yamaha Viking is designed to be a workhorse that provides a good balance between off-road handling and work capabilities. The engine delivers ample power, is comfortable to ride in, and has plenty of room in the three-seat cab. The truck also retains the ground-hugging ability, good ride, and all-speed handling that the Rhino has to offer. Yamaha is clearly aiming to make the Viking a popular utility vehicle in the UTV segment.

Electric power steering system

A Yamaha Viking VI EPS features an industry-leading Electric Power Steering system that provides superior handling on varied terrains and reduced steering effort. It also features instantaneous cold start and smooth response. Prices advertised are before applicable taxes, dealer set up, destination, reconditioning, optional parts, and installation, and may not include all options. For more information about Yamaha Viking EPS, please visit

For those of you who want to reduce the noise coming from your Yamaha EPS, the solution is simple. The system has a large-capacity air intake that is accessible from inside the cabin. It also features the Ultramatic(r) transmission with automatic centrifugal clutch and sprag clutch for downhill engine braking while in 4WD mode. Yamaha also offers a 10-year belt warranty.

Dual A-arms on all four corners

The Viking’s dual A-arms on all four corners offer additional ground clearance and strength. They are designed for farms and feature 60mm upswept sides, allowing more clearance under the rocker panels. The 8.1-inch travel of these front and rear suspension components reduces the amount of pressure on the axles and helps to keep the Viking running smoothly, even when it’s laden with passengers.

The Yamaha Viking features a 686cc engine with a wide, usable powerband. The four-valve head and 10.0:1 compression ratio increase horsepower and fuel efficiency. The engine features electronic fuel injection for peak performance in all conditions, including cold starts. Dual A-arms on all four corners of the Viking enhance terrainability, while large-diameter disc brakes deliver exceptional stopping power.

Room for three occupants

The Yamaha Viking replaces the Rhino with a slightly larger chassis and room for three occupants. The single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine is positioned behind the driver compartment to reduce cabin noise and give room for the center of three bucket-style seats. Dual A-arms are standard, and the front suspension is adjustable. The Viking is equipped with three-point seat belts for all three occupants.

A full digital display panel with speedometer, odometer, trip meters, fuel level, and other vital information is included. Eight cup holders are located throughout the cab, including a large glove compartment on the front panel. The cockpit also includes two DC power outlets and a full roll cage. The Viking’s cab is wrapped in a ROPS US OSHA/ISO3471-certified enclosure.