How to Quiet a Yamaha Rhino 660

If you’re wondering how to quiet a Yamaha rhino 660, there are several options to try. While ear muffs and ear plugs are the easiest options, some owners have found that noise-cancelling headphones work best. Others have found success with Dynamat, Noico, and rockwool panels under the seats. Whatever method you choose, be sure to try it out before making any final decisions.

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Flowmaster Hushpower Muffler

The Flowmaster Hushpower Muffler is a high-performance automotive exhaust that is designed for the Yamaha rhino 660. Its unique design is very different from the traditional “glass pack” design and brings a new generation of exhaust technology. Moreover, the muffler meets Forestry approval and is USFS-approved. It is also made of packing material that has to be replaced regularly.


Using Dynamat to quiet a Yamaha rhino 650 is an excellent way to keep your rhino silent, regardless of where you ride. Using ear plugs or muffs is a great solution, but you can also use noise-cancelling headphones. Other alternatives to Dynamat include the Noico mat, which has been rated 5 stars by over 1000 customers. Noico is self-adhesive and durable, making it a good option for anyone wanting to silence their engine.

Noico mat

There are several methods to quiet a Yamaha rhino 660. One of the simplest is to use ear plugs or muffs, but some people have found other methods more effective. For example, some people have installed Dynamat under the seat to reduce engine noise. Other people have placed rockwool panels under the seats to absorb road noise. A Noico mat will help you achieve this.

The Noico 80 mil mat is thicker than most other soundproofing mats on the market. While thicker materials are better for reducing noise, they are more difficult to install. Most thick mats are self-adhesive, but this option may leave a sticky residue on the floor. If you’re unsure of your installation skills, we recommend the Dynamat. It is the thickest and most effective mat on the market and comes with a 10-year warranty.