How to Quiet a Weight Distribution Hitch

If you’ve been considering a new weight distribution hitch, you may be wondering how to get the best one. After all, these devices make quite a lot of noise – you may even hear them when the windows are closed.

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Although some people find these sounds annoying, many hitch systems are built to minimize overall noise levels. You can also do your part to help reduce the overall sound of your hitch system by oiling it regularly.

Round bar type

A round-bar weight distribution hitch is one of the more common types of trailer hitches. They are different from trunnion bars in that they feature chains instead of spring bars. They also have a damper built into the hitch head to minimize sway and bounce. You can adjust this damper by tightening the nut on the bottom of the hitch. The Haul-Master is a popular, inexpensive round-bar weight distribution hitch. It’s lightweight and is available with Class III and IV receivers.

Another option is the Husky round bar type weight distribution hitch, which is easy to install and versatile. It features an upgraded classic design and a convenient access point to the hitch ball shank. It also has a sway control damper to prevent trailer sway. A round bar type weight distribution hitch is rated to tow between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds of gross trailer weight. A CURT has a ball and pin system to help prevent the trailer from bouncing while towing.

Anti-sway technology

An anti-sway weight distribution hitch reduces swaying and allows you to steer your trailer more smoothly and safely. These hitches are designed to work with a variety of trailer types and are compatible with surge brake trailers. They also feature a 2-5/16″ ball size and are rated for 10,000 lbs. and a thousand pounds trailer weight. They are made to last for several years of dependable use.

The TruTrack weight distribution hitch is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid the swaying effect of trailers. The TruTrack is a two-inch receiver shank weight distribution hitch that is easy to install and adjust. Its cast steel parts make it quieter than other hitches. Its sway control and anti-rattle clamp reduce vibrations.

Continuous lubrication system

Unlike a traditional weight-distribution hitch, an Andersen version has a continuous lubrication system. The continuous lubrication system prevents the moving parts of the hitch from corroding and ensures a smooth ride. Another advantage of this hitch is its ease of installation. The Andersen system is designed to fit into any standard two-inch trailer hitch receiver. The shank is adjustable up to two inches.

Continuous lubrication system for quiet weight-distribution hitch features integrated lubrication, an easy-access grease zerk fitting on the head, and forged steel spring bars for quiet towing. This weight-distribution hitch is rated for up to 10,000 pounds of gross trailer weight and 1,000-1400 pounds of tongue weight. The sway-control damper reduces the likelihood of the trailer swaying during towing.

Snap L-Pins

Equalizer introduced its Snap L-Pins to make the hitch even quieter. This new innovation does away with the separate clip and cotter pin used with traditional L-Pins. Its new snap down/click design allows you to engage and disengage the pin in one step. This will make securing weight distribution bars a breeze. Unlike old L-Pins, the Snap L-Pins are built to last.

To understand how this new design works, visualize a frying pan with a handle. The hitch and the trailer are attached. The weight of the trailer sits on the hitch, and the arms add to the pressure. This pressure is caused by friction. To make it even quieter, use a snap L-Pin that rides above the weight distribution arm. The new Snap L-Pin will be much quieter than the standard L-Pins, so you won’t have to worry about noise when making slow, tight turns.

Anti-bounce technology

Weight distribution hitches with anti-bounce technology are designed to minimize swaying while towing. These hitches also distribute the weight of the trailer evenly. The weight distribution hitch can prevent swaying by reducing sway before it begins, or it can prevent it altogether. Andersen weigh distribution hitches are available in both single and dual axle versions.

The ReCurve R6 weight distribution hitch is one of the easiest to use. The ReCurve R6 weight distribution hitch features premium adaptive sway control that automatically disengages the hitch when swerving.

Unlike traditional hitches, silent weight distribution hitches can reduce trailer sway and improve safety. By combining modern materials and technology, Andersen hitches are the only solution to anti-sway weight distribution. Andersen’s unique Motion-DampeningTM technique dramatically reduces the trailer’s bounce. Andersen’s hitches have lifetime warranties and automatic load sensing to ensure a smooth ride. Installation can take as little as half an hour, and removal can be as simple as pulling a pin.