How to Quiet a Honda Pioneer 700

If you’re wondering how to quiet a Honda Pioneer 700, there are several methods you can use. These include insulating components, installing a slip-on exhaust system, and properly inflating tires. Read on to learn how to quiet a Honda pioneer 700! You’ll be glad you did once you discover how to make it as quiet as possible. If you’re still having trouble, check out the tips below!

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Adding insulating components

Adding insulating components to your Honda Pioneer 700 can make a big difference in its noise levels. This multipurpose vehicle is built with quality and reliability in mind, and is an excellent choice for both work on the farm and family outings. Lack of maintenance is one of the most common causes of problems, however. Here are three tips to keep your Pioneer 700 as quiet and comfortable as possible.

Packing the muffler

There are two options for reducing noise on a Honda Pioneer 700. Packing the muffler is the simplest way to reduce the noise, but it will restrict airflow and could damage the engine over time. The other option is to install an exhaust silencer. In either case, you will have to take the time to choose the right muffler for your vehicle. You can also try installing a flexible metal conduit and coiled up steel wire to quiet the exhaust. However, this method will reduce the exhaust flow and should be used only for low-rpm riding.

Alternatively, you can purchase a universal muffler. Although these are cheaper and may not look as pristine as the original one, they can still work well. They can cut down the sound level by six to twelve decibels at idle and up to 12 dB at 2000RPM. Depending on the type you purchase, the muffler can also help reduce exhaust noise by about six to twelve decibels. For reference, a 93dB exhaust system will reduce sound by 3 decibels.

Improperly inflated tires

When it comes to noise levels, there are many factors that can cause your Honda Pioneer 700 to be a bit quieter. For starters, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Improperly inflated tires can lead to uneven tire wear, which makes a Honda Pioneer 700 more noisy than it should be. Changing your tires may also fix your noise problem, but make sure you check your manual before you do it.

While the Honda Pioneer 700 is known for its durability and reliability, it can have problems that result from poor maintenance. These issues may range from transmission failure to engine failure and general wear and tear. Check for worn brake pads, burned out wires, and oil leaks. Old oil can lead to engine damage, so change it frequently. Improperly inflated tires can make a Honda Pioneer 700 loud.

Installing a slip-on exhaust

If you want to install a slip-on exhaust to quiet your Honda Pioneer 700, you’re not alone. This off-road vehicle is built for big adventures, and the 675cc, liquid-cooled engine will deliver reliable performance no matter what conditions you find yourself in. Installing a slip-on exhaust will make this off-road vehicle much more comfortable to ride, and the added noise won’t detract from the performance of your Honda Pioneer 700.

Before you begin installing a slip-on exhaust to quiet your Honda Pioneer 700, you should know that your OEM muffler will not fit the bike. However, you can replace this part with an aftermarket one. However, you’ll probably have to modify your bike’s exhaust system in order to fit the new silencer. It’s possible that you can simply buy a universal exhaust part that fits your Pioneer 700, but it’s not the best idea.