How To Quiet a Blender?

The blender is one of the most important appliances in every kitchen. Whether you want to make quick snacks or you want a smoothie you need a blender. It is an extremely convenient device and it makes your life way easier than having to deal with all the items separately. You can blend them without any issue. Although it is really useful, it also makes a lot of noise.

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When you have your family or friends around it could be a real discomfort and you don’t want to disturb people around you whenever you are in the kitchen. This is why you need to know how to quiet a blender.

There are different ways to decrease the noise of the blender and all of them can be done without any professional help. It would bring a lot of peace to your life and the people around you will be grateful.

We will tell you about all of these tricks only if you are willing to read the whole piece of content. Once you are finished, you will be able to know multiple ways to reduce the noise in your kitchen. Read also on how to fix your noisy refrigerator compressor.

Placement of the Blender

proper placement of blender

The first and foremost thing is the placement of the blender. Is it placed close to the walls or the corner? Well, then you are making a big mistake. The sound echoes off the walls and it would increase the noise immensely.

The walls are like speakers as they would reflect the sound and it would be amplified multiple times. Surrounded by the walls the noise would increase and it would go all around the house. The noise will get even louder and you can rectify the situation by just moving the blender to a spot that is away from the walls. You can place it at the center of the kitchen so that it is nowhere near the corner of the walls.

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Even if you don’t want to palace it permanently in the center you can do it while you are using it and then return it to its original position. In this way, the kitchen decor would remain the same and you would get rid of the noise.

Give the Blender a Support

Now there is an original noise of the blender and there is an extra noise that comes from the vibration and movement of this machine.

When you place it on the floor or anywhere solid it would press against it and the vibration or the movement will create an annoying sound. In order to remove such noise, you can use a mat or a towel. Place the mat or the towel beneath the blender so the vibration will decrease and it also gets the necessary support.

You have to stop the noise from amplifying and this solution is extremely inexpensive as you may have mats or towels inside your house that can be used for this purpose.

Cover the Blender

woman blending avocado

When you are using the blender you can cover it with a piece of cloth. This is also an affordable solution and it would definitely reduce the noise instantly. Find a large piece of cloth and wrap it around the machine. The noise coming from the machine will be absorbed by it and it won’t have a surrounding effect.

It would also reduce the power of the sound and it won’t be reflected through the walls. The noise reduction would make working in the kitchen easier for you and your family would not have to suffer as well while getting amazing snacks.

Enclose the Blender

You have to create an enclosure if all the solutions above do not satisfy your requirements. The enclosure can be created inside your house with the help of a wooden or plastic box and some padded material.

It may seem like an extreme step but the peace it would bring will make you realize that it is worth it. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort and if you are not interested in making one you can buy one online easily. The padded material can be placed inside or outside of the box and it will absorb most of the noise while you use the machine.

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Use Insulation Foams

You have to use the blender in the kitchen and you know the specific area where you use it. You can just use foam to cover the area. In this way, you will be able to soundproof the surroundings and you don’t have to handle a lot of noise.

The reduction in the noise will come as a blessing and the insulation foam can be found easily. Even if you have to buy it you will not be making a bad investment.

Utilize Cardboard Boxes

A cardboard box can be used as an enclosure and you can just put the blender inside the box to decrease the noise. In order to decrease the noise, you can just put a towel around the blender inside the box. It would decrease the annoying sound further and you will have to face little to no sound coming out of the box.

As it is easy to open a cardboard box so you will be able to use the blender without any issue. You can create a customized box for your blender and decorate it as well. Once you are done using the blender you can just close the box.


We have tried to explain a number of ways to quiet a blender and you can try each one of them. Not all of them need to work for you because every house and kitchen is different from the other.

We are sure that one of these tips will work out for you and you won’t have to deal with the blender noise again. Do tell us about the results once you have tried these solutions so we can improve the piece further with the help of your recommendations.

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