How to Pour Cereal Quietly

There are a few things you should know about how to pour cereal quietly. Not everyone listens to the crackling noise. You might have heard of the etiquette around eating your cereal, but how do you pour it without making a commotion? Listed below are some tips to help you make breakfast time a more pleasant experience. Let’s get started! Continue reading to learn more about cereal etiquette.

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How to listen to crackling noise when pouring cereal

Have you ever heard the pop, snap, or crackling sound when you’re pouring cereal? You may remember eating Kellogg’s Rice Krispies when you were a kid, but now you’re curious about how they make that sound. The answer is in the bones, nerves, and tiny muscles of the ears. These structures help turn sound waves into language your brain can understand. The crackling sound you hear is caused by these tiny structures.

How to choose a spoon to eat cereal

You have probably heard about etiquette when you eat cereal and are curious about how to eat it quietly. In most cultures, people know how to eat their food, but if you are not a native English speaker, you may wonder how to eat it without being embarrassed. Also, if you have been eating cereal for years, you might feel there is some sort of etiquette surrounding its eating. Here are some tips for you.

etiquette of eating cereal

While most people can’t really ignore other people chewing on their cereal, the Etiquette of Eating Cereal Quietly is an important part of social etiquette. While some people drink the leftover milk from their cereal, others use the water to give it texture. Commentators have noted that it’s like eating frozen food while it’s still frozen, and the same goes for the cuffs of your shirt after washing your hands.