Do Air Conditioners, Music, and Fans Bother Cats?

Do air conditioners, music, and fans bother your cat? Read on to discover the solutions to your problem. Fans are one of the most common sources of noise for cats, so these sources should be avoided if possible. But what about other sources of noise? Ultrasonic devices, Air conditioners, and music? All of these can cause stress for your cat, and can cause serious health problems. Here are a few things to consider.

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Fortunately, most cats don’t mind the noise of fans. In fact, they prefer the breeze that a fan creates. Cats aren’t able to sweat like we do, so a fan will keep their body temperature in a healthy range. Many cats even like to sit near a running fan! However, some cats may react negatively to loud noises and need to be kept indoors. To keep your cat happy, here are a few tips to keep your fan noise-free.


If your home is filled with fan noise, your cat might find it distressing. In fact, if the noise is too loud, your cat might even try to hide under your bed. Cats have very sensitive hearing, and they know when something is too loud. In fact, cats are able to anticipate the sound of distinct tunes, so they will choose flight or fight depending on how loud the noise is. But if the noise is too loud, the answer might surprise you.

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Ultrasonic devices

While you may be tempted to use ultrasonic devices to ward off fleas, this is not a good idea. The ultrasonic waves they emit are far above human hearing range, which means that your cat or dog may be bothered by the sound. Although this is not a serious health hazard, some people report experiencing symptoms caused by ultrasonic wave presence. These symptoms include nausea, headaches, and even insomnia.

Air conditioners

Cats can be disturbed by air conditioners and fans because the sound can cause a cat to jump or try to “duck” under the air. When air conditioners start to run, the noise is often so loud that the cat tries to hide under the air to avoid it. A cat may also be startled by the gurgling noise if they haven’t heard one before. Listed below are some tips for keeping your cat happy when it’s time to use the air conditioner or fan.

Loud fans

If you’ve ever wondered whether loud fans can bother cats, you might be surprised to learn that they can. However, if you keep your cat indoors, you can use a fan to help reduce the noise that it hears. Cats are sensitive to noise, so keep the noise down to a minimum. If you must use a fan to reduce noise, make sure to place it on the outside of the room, so your cat won’t be directly exposed to the sound.

Floor-mounted fans

The best way to keep your cats quiet is to limit their exposure to loud noises. Continuous exposure to loud noises like fans and music can lead to behavioral and physiological problems in your cat. So, if possible, keep them in an area that is free of noise. Also, limit the frequency of your fans and play low-volume music. If you have to use a fan, try to avoid it in areas where your cat will nap.

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Strong fans

You might wonder whether strong fans are dangerous for your feline friend. In fact, cats do not have a problem with strong fans when placed far away from them. However, the strong fan positioned in the center of the room might block the cat’s path. In addition to keeping your cat away from the fan, you must also avoid exposing your feline friend to the continuous noise from the fan. If you want your pet to enjoy the cool air, try keeping the fan in a quiet place, and keep it from bothering him or her.