Attack on Titan Characters – Why is Eren So Loud?

Eren’s shrill scream is one of the most memorable moments in Attack on Titan, but what exactly makes him so emotional and out-of-control? In this article, we’ll explore Eren’s hot-headedness, devotedness to Levi, and power over the Eldians.

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Eren’s hot-headedness

Eren has a temper and is hot-headed. As a young puppy, he followed people and tried to attract them to him. This made him loud and unruly. In the end, he got lost. But his behavior wasn’t all bad. He was also a very good guard dog for his sister.

His temper was fueled by many different reasons. Firstly, he was being used for experiments without any break. Moreover, he hated being called a monster and his power. His temper was fueled by a host of feelings, which aren’t always good.

As a result, he was one of the most hated people in Paradise. And despite the fact that he was so hot-headed and loud, he was still extremely handsome. And he still managed to impress women. Besides, his long, sexy tattoos were quite captivating.

Eren’s hot-headedness is also a major factor in his loud voice. While this may be annoying for some people, it is also a sign that he is passionate about you. So if he loves you, he will surely want you to give him your full attention.

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His emotional outbursts

Attack on Titan’s emotional outbursts are a common feature, as the characters are often threatened and emotionally tense. It can wear on viewers, especially when the main character, Eren, is constantly yelling in general. The character is also extremely sensitive and empathetic, and the outbursts are the only way he lets out his anger.

At one point, Eren expresses his rage against the traitors, calling them murderers. Whether or not these traitors are really the enemy of humanity is not entirely clear. When the Scouts are closing in on the forest, it is unclear who the real enemy is.

One major reason for Eren’s emotional outburst is the fact that he loves Mikasa. However, this only serves to make Mikasa’s feelings for Eren stronger. Eren also has a secret plan that he explains to Mikasa. In order to do this, Eren must activate the Rumble, a mysterious device that releases dormant Titans on the walls of Paradis. Eren also agrees to become an assassin, killing Mikasa in order to do so.

His devotedness to Levi

Eren is an incredibly determined man. He has the mindset to defeat any Titan that he encounters and to destroy all of the enemies in Paradis. This trait is mirrored in Levi, who has shown that he is also a very determined character. After all, he took on Zeke and chased him across the battlefield, only to end up defeating him.

Despite being a very complex character, Levi is very protective of those around him. He is wary of senseless killings, whereas Eren has no such reservations. His actions after the death of Marley have radically changed him and changed the way he feels towards his friends.

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Eren’s loudness is a sign of how devoted he is to Levi. He wants to protect Levi from any dangers – even the titans – but he isn’t evil. In fact, he wouldn’t even let the 9 titans ruin his plan. In his mind, being “evil” is completely up to interpretation, but it is possible to say that Eren wants to exterminate non-eldians.

His control over the Eldians

As a Founding Titan, Eren is able to communicate telepathically with all the Eldians in the world. He also has the power to control other Titan Shifters. He uses this power to free Annie Leonhart, the Female Titan. This ability enables Eren to control all the Titans in the world.

As a young man, Eren was a spy. His father was part of the revolutionary Eldian army. After the revolution, Eren’s parents were burned alive by the Marleyan Public Security Authorities. Eren was in the closet when his parents were burned. Later, he was rescued by his father’s friends and joined the Public Security Authorities. After passing a few blood tests, he was able to convince Eren that he was an Eldian spy.

Eren was Zeke’s half-brother and wanted to use the powers of the Founding Titan for his own purposes. As a descendant of the Fritz bloodline, he had the ability to control the Eldians. He convinced Ymir to leave his servitude and pass the powers on to Eren.